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The Augusta Mural Guide

cover photo: DAZZLE by Jason Craig

The Unofficial Guide to Augusta’s Best Walls

This Augusta mural guide strives to be a comprehensive directory to our River Region’s most vibrant + colorful +  ‘grammable walls. Many of these walls are more than just artsy-fartsy photo ops: some of them speak of Augusta’s history; some profess the affinity Augusta’s people have for her; and others proclaim the quirk + eclectic spirit of our fair city.  And why not? Art-centric Augusta has lots of colorful love to share.

This guide is dynamic, growing with our city’s art-explosive evolution. I invite you to check back often.

Welcome to our Augusta’s double-tap inducing mural tour!


  • photo(s) of the mural
  • the addresses so you may visit
  • the artist’s name + name of mural including helpful links to more information

If you are aware of artist credit but see it is missing, please let me know. 

Below is a map so you can easily locate each one. COMING SOON. 

I hope you enjoy using this guide as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. Please tag your photos #nakedaugustamuralguide + share with your color loving friends! XXOO Ann Beth @nakedepicurean

If you arrived in Augusta by plane, you have already been welcomed by this beautiful wall. Children’s book illustrator Dawn M. Cardona, known for her original hand-cut stamps, personalized this vintage-style postcard with her signature style.

a signature look by artist Dawn M. Cardona

Part of Augusta’s allure is its beautiful flowers, so it’s no wonder it is nicknamed the Garden City. As you drive through the Harrisburg neighborhood, grab your cameras to capture these two beautification projects by husband + wife team Wes and Colleen Beyer Stewart. “Harrisburg Biome 1” is on the Calhoun Expressway underpass on the north side of Crawford Avenue.

Harrisburg Biome 1 by Wes + Colleen Beyer Stewart
Harrisburg Biome 1 by Wes + Colleen Beyer Stewart

“Harrisburg Biome 2” is on the Calhoun Expressway underpass on Eve Street.

Harrisburg Biome 2 by Wes + Colleen Beyer Stewart
Harrisburg Biome 2 by Wes + Colleen Beyer Stewart

As you enter downtown Augusta via 15th Street and Jones Street, you are greeted by this powerful word superimposed on iconic symbols of Downtown Augusta:

RESPECT by Jason Craig

This mural at the gateway of our city herald visitors to the revitalization + burgeoning exuberance that is Downtown Augusta.

  • RESPECT by Jason Craig @jasonthe29th 
  • Pink Slips Analog
  • 1296 Jones Street, Augusta GA 30901

As a bonus, Jason shared with me some candid poses in front of his mural.

Thanks, Jason Craig!

On the north side of Jason’s building you’ll find “Dazzle.”

Dazzle by Jason Craig

This pretty in pink picture-perfect photo op tempts me to give it its own hashtag: #theaugustadazzle.  Jason is the brainchild of much of our city’s art. You will find he has left his brushstrokes on–and in–many of our buildings.

Stand near this mural and feel its energy.

Innovation Mural of Augusta by Aort Reed

On the river side of the intersection of Reynolds and 12th St is the Georgia Cyber Center. On the right side of the left building is a set of stairs leading to the river. Between the building and the stairs is the eye-popping

  • INNOVATION MURAL OF AUGUSTA by Aort Reed @aort1982
  • Georgia Cyber Center
  • 100 Grace Hopper Lane, Augusta GA 30901

One of our city’s most eclectic murals, the Innovation Mural features Augusta’s own timeless + tireless + incomparable Miss Sharon Jones. Several of Augusta’s murals feature Reed’s raw + colorful work.

Garden City Social is a lively spot, known for its amazing bartenders, bar games, and dancing. During business hours you will find this great photo op.

  • Garden City Social
  • 1157 Broad Street, Augusta GA 30901

During business hours, wet your whistle at Augusta’s first distillery and pin your home state on this wall mural.

  • Second City Distilling Co
  • 4 8th Street, Augusta, GA 30901

Cross 8th Street to visit Noble Jones where “southern meets unexpected.”

Enjoy this indoor mural during business hours.

  • NOBLE JONES mural by Courtney Wier @ckwier
  • Noble Jones restaurant
  • 816 Cotton Lane, Augusta GA 30901

On 11th Street you will find two murals. One is a large-scale, photo-realistic portrait of an indigenous sage.

Mural by Lee Ann Culver

Next on 11th Street is a commissioned mural: “The Garden City Project.”

The Garden City Project by Autumn Von Plinsky
  • THE GARDEN CITY PROJECT by Autumn Von Plinsky @avonplinsky 
  • 1051 11th Street , Augusta GA 30901

This mural of Augusta’s network of streets is superimposed with adorning flowers, each with its own personal backstory. Visit @thegardencityproject on Instagram to learn of the inspiration for this mural.

At 1126 Broad Street, you’ll find these “scenes of Augusta” mural.

mural by Riley Keuroglian

Enjoy this indoor mural during business hours.

  • mural by Riley Keuroglian
  • Mike Ingham State Farm Insurance
  • 1126 Broad Street, Augusta GA 30901

The indoor walls of Pineapple Ink Tavern have been “inked” by four of Augusta’s finest.

an interpretation of The Creation by Jason Craig
Gatsby the Great by @artsyrew
by Daniel James

Drop in during business hours to see these murals.

On the 10th Street side of Pineapple Ink Tavern is another mural by Jason Craig.

the evolution of the GET UP AUGUSTA mural

You will find this mural by April Henry King in the rear courtyard of The Southern Salad restaurant.

SoSal by April Henry King

The crisp vegetables practically jump off the wall of this old school building that has been repurposed as a lively eatery.  I once heard King say this was one of her favorite murals.

Cut through The Southern Salad to get to Augusta & Co. Browse curated local merch and pick up some informational pamphlets. Then take a photo with this mural.

mural at Augusta & Co. deigned by Gensler

mural inside Tax Slayer (photo courtesy of AHK)
  • mural by April Henry King
  • Tax Slayer
  • 945 Broad Street, Augusta GA 30901

Who doesn’t need some HAPPY in life? Porkchop’s iconic robots spread love to everyone they meet, and this southside wall adjacent to Tire City Potters is no exception.

HAPPY by Leonard Porkchop Zimmerman

This bright mural has cemented itself as a backdrop for photo ops in Augusta.

Behind Tire City Potters is a gorgeous weathered cerulean blue backdrop for the four-word mantra Augustans live by.

  • 943 Ellis Street, Augusta GA 30901

Pivot 180⁰ and you’ll find the BASEBALL SCOREBOARD mural, a blank canvas for you to channel your inner Ty Cobb and pose for a selfie.

Looking for a little bit of funk? Look no further! Music icon James Brown brought the funk to Augusta, and three Augusta artists are keeping it alive and well with this bold + proud + imperative mural at the corner of Broad and 9th aka James Brown Boulevard.

Keep Downtown Augusta Funky by Jason Craig

Inside Humanitree House you will find African-centric allegorical murals by artist + owner, Baruti Tucker, who paints only with his fingers.

While here, enjoy the chill vibes + amazing vegan food + restorative fresh-pressed juices + provocative art.

At the corner of 8th and Greene you will find the golden Jessye Norman School of the Arts.

Girl with Butterflies by Jay Jacobs

In the rear courtyard of the JNSA is a 32-foot by 70-foot mural of a young girl releasing butterflies.

Take note of the young girl’s lashes and beaming smile. They are a nod to world renowned opera singer Jessye Norman, a native of Augusta.

in progress

On the east wall of the 571 building adjacent to the Whistle Stop Cafe 573 on Greene Street you will find this colorful + mammoth representation of the trains that run through our city on the tracks just 50 yards away.

Read about the project on page 2 here.

Hildebrandt’s German-inspired delicatessen has been serving Augusta heaping helpings of Southern hospitality since 1879. You will find this mural on the Ellis Street side of the building.

1.7 million bottles or cans are brewed annually within the walls of the 16,000+ square foot Savannah River Brewing Co. Outside, however, is a flash the bold flagship lettering by artist April Henry King.

Savannah River Brewing Co mural by April Henry King
SRBC indoor mural

If you are hoping to get a selfie (or an ussie) with the Godfather of Soul, here is your chance.

William Murrell & Associates
  • William Murrell & Associates
  • 516 Broad Street, Augusta GA 30901

Discotheque Lounge
  • Discotheque Lounge
  • 533 Broad Street #1496 Augusta, GA 30901

Edgar’s Above Broad, a new rooftop bar, is opening soon at 699 Broad. Don’t miss the chance to pose in front of the glowing neon + lush moss wall as you enter the building on the 3rd floor.

When you visit the 3rd floor rooftop bar, you are greeted by this stunning wall by one of Augusta’s favorite muralists, April Henry King.

artist April Henry King (photo courtesy of AHK)
(photo courtesy of AHK)

COMING SOON to a wall near you!

early stage of soon to be James Brown mural
it has been such a thrill watching the progress of this mural!
  • JAMES BROWN MURAL by Cole Phail (see the mock up and stories about the James Brown mural in the links)
  • the 9th street side of 879 Broad

Travel from downtown Augusta across the 13th Street Bridge to North Augusta, SC for two must-see murals.

The Sno-Cap Drive-In is a 1960’s inspired restaurant with indoor tables + drive-in service.

Sno-Cap Drive-In mural by April Henry King

You may feel an urge to strap on your roller skates at this landmark carhop diner. The inviting mural is sure to tempt you to enjoy some of the yummy burgers + other American eats .

On your way back to Augusta, you will see SRP Park, home of Augusta’s GreenJackets baseball team.

mural by April Henry King

Earn your wings by posing with this mural inside the park.

Recreate your favorite Masters tournament moment or create your own! All this putting green mural on the left side of 1326 Reynolds Street needs is YOU!

  • Kamo Manufacturing Company
  • 1326 Reynolds Street, Augusta GA 30901

As you leave downtown, you’ll find this mural on the north wall of the bicycle shop.

This mural’s celebratory message is the perfect salute to Downtown Augusta as you head south in search of more color!

At the intersection of 15th Street and R.A Dent Boulevard, you’ll find this 20 foot-high panoramic mural on the east side of the Rosa T. Beard Memorial Bridge, a project of the Greater Augusta Arts Council.

On the mural you will find an eagle, the mascot of T.W. Josey High School; an American flag; a young couple and a young child imagining their future;

and a symbolic Georgia peach tree representing many aspects of the community.

  • Crab King
  • 2301 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, Augusta GA 30901

At the corner of Laney-Walker and Pine in one of Augusta’s historic districts is this gem.

Golden Blocks Legacy Mural by Audrey Sala Adenike Jeter Allen

This mural highlights four prominent educational, business, and cultural luminaries who flourished in the South despite Jim Crow laws.

Find this psychedelic mushroom mural at

If ‘Grammable photo ops are what you are seeking, you are about to win the mural lottery.

At the intersection of Wrightsboro Road and Highland Avenue is the Art Factory’s colorful mural project featuring art by Cyndy Epps, Joseph Hart, Steve Krecskay, Steve Snyder, Brian Stewart, Richard Worth, Russ Bonin and Raoul Pacheco.

On the Highland Avenue wall are murals of the Savannah River. 

On the Wrightsboro Road wall, six river region artists created water-themed art, including a robot in an inner tube by Leonard Porkchop Zimmerman.

by Leonard Porkchop Zimmerman

The fish and landmarks in the four murals on the Iris Street wall are by Aort Reed, students from Augusta University, and teens from the Boys & Girls Clubs of the CSRA as well as other organizations. 

  • Augusta Utilities – Highland Avenue Water Treatment Plant
  • 2835 Central Avenue, Augusta GA 30909

WARNING: you are about to be star-struck. Celebrity sightings abound at Jackie M’s and Son.

Snap selfies with Whitney Houston, Prince, Michael Jackson and Little Richard (not pictured: Aretha Franklin)

James Brown and Whitney Houston by Aort Reed
Prince and Michael Jackson by Aort Reed

After all this fanfare, stop in for an amazing lunch (be sure to get the Kool-Aid).

A myriad of ocean life snapshots adorn the seafood restaurant at the top of Wrightsboro Road.

  • ocean life by Michel Moon
  • Harbor Inn Seafood restaurant
  • 3404 Wrightsboro Road, Augusta GA 30909

Check out one of the most beautiful chickens ever at Frog and the Hen during business hours.

eat drink and be local by Maria Kyles

View this newly completed mural at Abel Brown restaurant during business hours.

You’ll find another radiant mural in Surrey Center at SolFood Kitchen.

mural by Stephanie Sunshine Forbes

Behind a comfy red couch + above a wall of self-serve taps, you’ll find this radiant mural at Stay. Social Tap & Table in Evans.

Good luck on your hunt for Augusta’s best walls! Follow @nakedepicurean on Instagram for more great things to see + do + eat in Augusta.


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