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Soft Boiled Eggs with Caviar

Breakfast in bed? Yes, please. ‘Tis the stuff dreams are made of.

Who hasn’t had a fantasy about that?

So simple, yet so elegant. What a statement this presentation makes! It whispers you are worth every minute of my time and every ounce of my soul. Okay, maybe that’s a bit much. But still. Look at this loveliness!

Gently boil the egg and then sabotage it to expose the runny yolk. Embellish it with a dollop of crème fraîche, caviar, and a snip of chives. Then dip your toast soldiers into that golden goodness and, well, what you do with the rest of your day is up to you.

About the sabotage. Stabilize the egg in a cup and use the back of a spoon to crack the tip. Or you can use an egg topper. (Yes, it’s an actual thing. An egg topper is a cross between a mini-guillotine and a champagne saber. Quite dramatic.)

I chose black capelin caviar simply for the color presentation. It is affordable and accessible, as you can find it in most quality markets. Another option is to use caviar from the beluga sturgeon, touted as the finest caviar known to man. Of course, that gilled vertebrate is now endangered and its roe can cost $10,000 a kilogram. But you do you. Use whichever caviar blows your skirt up.

This brunch idea has all the perks without a big investment of time. I know there are more important things you want to do.

These seductive bruch eggs are even more delicious with a swill of Champagne.



I would love to hear what you choose to top your eggs with…and how you will spend your 10K beluga allowance. Comment below and tag #nakedepicurean on Insta so we can celebrate together!


Boil eggs for 6 minutes. Set eggs in holders to stabilize them, then sabotage them. Top with crème fraîche or sour cream and your choice of caviar and some chives. Toast bread; cut into long slices.


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