*na·ked [nākid] adj. undisguised; blatant, unadorned, stark.

*ep·i·cu·re·an [epəˈkyo͝orēən] n. person devoted to enjoyment from fine food and drink.


I am an unapologetically authentic gal from Augusta who loves to cook, host dinner parties, and travel. My ambition is to eat my way around the world and then share my bounty with friends at my table.

Teacher by day, writer by night, I have ZERO knowledge about how to properly blog or photograph food (no staff, no fancy equipment, and I use my Droid in my own humble kitchen, for goodness sake!).

But I do know that I cherish my time with family and friends. Hosting friends in my home is my love language. Making guests know they are special means anything from whipping up a signature cocktail in their honor to using found objects to embellish our table to sharing an exotic recipe I tasted abroad.

This is my platform for sharing my consummate pursuit of inspiration and extraordinary moments with loved ones. Join me on my quest for joie de vivre! We will laugh (often), cry (sometimes), and enjoy a big glass of wine (always).

Never stop learning. Never stop loving. Never stop growing. Get busy living!

Let’s #eatdrinkbemerryrepeat!